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    Places worth visiting
Here is a list of the most interesting places worth visiting when staying in our region:- Park Narodowy Bory Tucholskie [The Tuchola Forest National Park] with its attractions- Zaborski Park Krajobrazowy [Zaborski Scenic Park] with its attractions- Aqueduct in Fojutowo- Seed husking mill in
    Bicycle routes
The blue route BY-1 6001n (165 km) The blue bicycle route starts from Bydgoszcz (0,0 km), and goes through Janowo, Koronowo, Nowy Jasiniec, Świekatowo, Bruchniewo, Klonowo, Szumiąca, Świt, Tuchola, Gołąbek, Woziwoda, Rytel, Mylof to Klosnowo. From here we go along Czarna Droga [the Black Road] to
    The City of Chojnice
The district city of Chojnice is worth visiting because of its historical-cultural attractions and recreational-entertainment attractions. There are numerous monuments to be found in Chojnice (Basilica, Brama Człuchowska [Człuchowska Gate], towers, a moat, fortifications, the neo-Gothic Town Hall

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