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ul. Długa 93
89-606 Charzykowy
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Holiday camp "Kaszub" is situated in Charzykowy (Pomorskie Province) near Chojnice (distant from Chojnice is about 5 km), in eastern part of Pomeranian Lake District. The resort is clustered around Charzykowskie Lake ( 1348 hectare) and in immediate nearness of forest - massifs of Bory Tucholskie, possesses for this region characteristic microclimate.

Position in forests of Zaborski Scenery Park over Charzykowskie Lake conducive to fishing, picking berries, mushroom and hunting. Landscape and natural values are conducive to tourism. Not without meanings are also entertainments organized by Commune and numerous aquatic clubs (regatta, artistic performances etc). Charzykowskie Lake is base of yachting and is beginning of splendid track of water tourism. Charzykowy possess connection of municipal communication active through all year.

Chojnice - the 700-year-old town. Jan Długosz called the town "a key and a gate to Pomerania". Nowadays city is inhabited by 40000 people. It has many monuments and touristic attractions. In the summer there are organized numerous artistic entertainments.

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